Day 1 Edit

Santa Dalek

Day 2 Edit

Dalek Gingerbread Cookie

Day 3 Edit

Sycorax Sword

Day 4 Edit

Snow Dalek

Day 5 Edit

Santa Hat

Day 6 Edit

War Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Day 7 Edit

Dalekanium Tools

Day 8 Edit

Dalek Clock

Day 9 Edit

2nd Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Day 10 Edit


Day 11 Edit

Killer Christmas Tree

Day 12 Edit

2nd Doctor's Flu-Er, Recorder

Day 13 Edit

Tenth Planet Cyberman

Day 14 Edit


Day 15 Edit

Obsidian Dalek

Day 16 Edit

Sixth Doctor's Coat

Day 17 Edit

Wooden Cyberman

Day 18 Edit

Sky Fish

Day 19 Edit

The Wire

Day 20 Edit

Steampunk Dalek

Day 21 Edit

Weeping Snow Angel

Day 22 Edit


Day 23 Edit

Totter's Lane Gates

Day 24 Edit

THE GRAD FINALE (Forest in a Box,Minecraft Beta,TARDIS Clocks Show The Time.)