Day 1 Edit

Wearable Santa Hat!

Test Build version (Only on 1.7.2)

Day 2 Edit

Dalek Cookie

Day 3 Edit

Christmas Cracker

Day 4 Edit

Tenth Planet Cyberman

Day 5 Edit

Interactive Presents!

Day 6 Edit

Weeping Snow Angel

Day 7 Edit


Day 8 Edit

Candy Sonic Screwdriver

Day 9 Edit

Explosive Baubles

Day 10 Edit

Christmas Reef (Or, In American Language, Wreath!) #WhoCaresIt'saChristmasDecoration

Day 11 Edit

Dalek Clock

Day 12 Edit

The Wire

Day 13 Edit

Foreman Junk Yard Gates

Day 14 Edit

Ian Chesterton

Day 15 Edit

Barbara Wright

Day 16 Edit

Steampunk Dalek

Day 17 Edit

Susan Foreman

Day 18 Edit

Christmas Villager

Day 19 Edit

80's TARDIS (Exterior only) (Gosh Darn Diddly Dang Doo!)

Day 20 Edit

The Master's TARDIS Roundels

Day 21 Edit

Captain Jack Harkness

Day 22 Edit

Yorkshire Pudding

Day 23 Edit

7th Doctor's Umbrella

Day 24 Edit

The iSnowman


On December 1st 1WTC accidently released the test build version for 1.7.2, this was later fixed on December 2nd for 1.7.10