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The Cleaners are robots, designed to look after and 'caretake' the complex known as Paradise Towers. However, they were reprogrammed by the architect Kroagnon to kill anyone living in Paradise Towers, which he had built and didn't want to be 'ruined'.

In the Show

The Cleaners, like some lesser known foes of the Doctor, appear in only the one story, Paradise Towers. In the story, they were used by Kroagnon, an architect who found his 'masterpiece', Paradise Towers, was being ruined by its residents. Eventually, he decided to murder everyone in the complex, using the Cleaners, which he had reprogrammed to murder everyone. After Kroagnon was defeated at the hands of the Doctor, the Cleaners were reverted back to their original state and stopped attacking residents.

In The Mod

The Cleaners were first added in the 50th Anniversary Update (23rd November 2013). In the mod, they are Hostile mobs and will attack the player with melee, when they are detected. They will spawn on Gallifrey and, in future updates, inside the TARDIS. There are also rumored plans to add in an aquatic variant of the Cleaners.

It is also note worthy that they were only added in as 1WTC, the Head Developer on the Dalek Mod, is a fan of the Seventh Doctor and wanted to add in a foe that he fought.