Cyber Leader Edit

This variant of Cyberman is actually based on the Cyber-Lord, a type of high ranking Cyber Leader seen in

2017-03-10 17.49.52

The Cyber Leader

the 2008 Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor'. He has black handle bars, a black face plate, and a transparent "window" through which his brain can be seen.

The Cyber Leader has a CybermanID of 4.

Behavior Edit

1.7 Edit

In the 1.7 versions of the mod, the Cyber Leader became a boss mob (update 29 and 30). He had a health

2017-03-19 20.14.47

The 1.7 Cyber Leader Boss, surrounded by his Cyberman army.

bar appear in the upper portion of the screen like other bosses, and had a very high health. He could also run very fast. Every few seconds, he would spawn a Modern Cyberman near him, making him harder to defeat. Upon death he would drop a large number of credits.

1.8 Edit

In the 1.8 versions of the mod, the Cyber Leader is a regular cyberman mob, which attacks Daleks and Villagers like all other cybermen. Like the Modern Cyberman, they deliver melee attack damage, with a certain percentage being able to shoot lasers. A villager killed by a cyberman laser will die instead of

2017-03-19 20.03.39

A 1.8 Cyber Leader that can shoot a laser.

converting. Upon death, he will drop 0-2 steel ingots.