Cyber Villager Edit

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The Cyber Villager

The Cyber Villager is a unique variant of Cyberman in the mod. It does not have an exact equivalent in the show, but is instead based on the Zombie Villager of vanilla minecraft. Cyber Villagers look like a farmer villager with a Modern Cyberman head.

Cyber Villagers have a CybermanID of 2.

Behavior Edit

Cyber Villagers behave like all other Cybermen, delivering melee attacks and fighting nearby Daleks. They can also convert other villagers into Cyber Villagers like themselves. Cybervillagers drop 0-2 steel ingots.

Spawning Edit

Cyber Villagers only spawn when a Cyberman kills a villager with a melee attack. Instead of despawning, the villager will be "converted" into a Cyber Villager. There is currently no way of downgrading a Cyber Villager back into a villager.