What is the Dalek Mod Lite? The Dalek Mod Lite is a modified version of the Dalek Mod designed mainly for multiplayer purposes. This will go back to the mods roots as this version of the mod will be centered mainly around the Daleks, this version of the mod will also  be much more lightweight on your minecraft installation and much more compatible with other mods Plus dalek mod lite will be the first version to get to one 1.8 

What is it missing? Pretty much most features involving world generation eg. the Tardis,older versions of Minecraft, biomes  and most of the mobs that are not daleks later on we will add more into the lite version and make sure it is properly coded and it isn't heavy on memory 

What's the point of this then? This will be useful for those who want to have daleks in their game and still use other mods without compatibility problems and let's face it the current version of the mod doesn't work very well in multiplayer there are duplicating Tardises, Upside down snow angels etc etc.