Dalekanium is a material found on the Dalek's home planet, Skaro. First being mentioned in The Dalek Invasion of Earth, it is the material that a Dalek casing is made out of. In the mod, Dalekanium has served a variety of different functions. They can be made into weapons, tools and armour.


In the ShowEdit

Dalekanium was first used by Davros to create the Dalek casing, chosen as it was effective protection against bullets and most laser weaponary, including the Daleks' own weapons. It can survive explosions, including Ace's Nitro 9, as shown in various episodes.

In expanded media, it states that Dalekanium can only be found on Skaro, making it one of the least found metals in the Universe.

In Evolution of the Daleks, it is revealed that the metal can also attract gamma radiation.

In the ModEdit

Dalekanium can be found in three forms (ingots, ore and nuggets). Ore can be mined on Skaro, dropping nuggets. These, when placed in a three by three crafting grid, can be used to create ingots, which can be used to craft armor and tools. Daleks can also drop Dalekanium ingots when killed.


A player fully decked out in Dalekanium Armour