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A picture posted by Khotarri, promoting that Davros would return.

Davros is a Kaled scientist from the planet Skaro and the creator of the Dalek race. His appearance is of a very shriveled old man with a deformed face with his lower half being replaced with a Mark III Travel Machine, which is the same as the lower 'skirt' of a Dalek, after being crushed when his laboratory was struck by a Thal missile which rendered his left arm and both legs useless

In The ShowEdit

Davros was first introduced in 1975's Genesis of the Daleks, in which he was the head scientist of the Kaled's research facilities and physically paralyzed from the waist below, meaning he had to sit in the lower section of a Dalek suit, in order to survive and move around. In the episode, the Doctor was sent back by the Time Lords to go back to Skaro at the time of the Daleks' creation and stop or delay it.

When the Doctor was captured by the Kaleds, he witnessed the first prototype of a Dalek and, with help from a scientist, escaped. Though he managed to convince the Kaleds that Davros must be stopped from creating the Daleks, Davros betrayed them, giving a acidic compound to the rival species on Skaro, the Thals, which they used to burn through the protective dome keeping the Kaleds safe from nuclear missiles and destroyed them with a missile. After this, Davros released the Daleks to 'Exterminate' the Thals, to insure he would take over the planet.

After capturing the Doctor, Davros interrogated him to find out the various defeats of the Daleks and recorded them to improve the design and to insure these failures would not happen. However the Doctor destroyed the tape and the Daleks turned on their creator and killed him, not acknowledging his command over them.

However, in Destiny of the Daleks, it is revealed Davros survived due to his life support system and was reanimated when he was discovered by the Doctor in the remains of the Kaled bunker. The Daleks took him back to help them win a war with another robotic race, the Movelons. He also instructed them to go to the Movelon ship and destroy it with bombs. The Doctor took advantage of this when confronting his old foe and destroyed the Daleks by detonating the bombs. He and the Dalek prisoners then placed Davros in a stasis chamber, to make sure he didn't try to escape.

In Resurrection of the Daleks, the prison ship Davros is kept on is attacked by the Dalek Supreme to rescue their creator and find a cure for a virus that proved effective against the Daleks. Davros, however, betrayed his creations and drugged a small section of Daleks into obeying him. This cause the Dalek civil war, in which the Daleks fought for control over the Dalek empire, with some fighting for Davros and others for a Supreme Dalek. By Remembrance of the Daleks, Davros had gained control over much of the empire and was winning the war. In the story, Davros planned to use the Hand of Omega, a Time Lord star manipulating devise that created the Eye of Harmony, to turn Skaro's sun into another neutralized black hole and end the civil war. However, the Doctor programmed it to vaporize the star and destroy the Dalek ship, destroying much of the Dalek empire and Davros' ship as well.

It is unknown what happened to Davros after the events of this episode, but by the time of the Time War, he had lost his emperor rank to a Dalek, possibly a Supreme. Before the conflict, he modified the Dalek casing, adding in various features such as dissolving substances when they block the eye-piece and allowing the arm to suffocate an enemy or drain their knowledge and experience. However, during the first year, Davros' ship flew into the jaws of the Nightmare Child. He was thought dead by many, including the Doctor, but was really rescued by Dalek Caan, the sole survivor of the Cult of Skaro.

Hiding from the war, Davros recreated a new Dalek empire from his own tissue and constructed the reality bomb, a device capable of wiping out all life in the Universe, save him and the Daleks. He then captured twenty seven planets, including Earth, which he used to power the bomb. After capturing the Doctor and companions, he ordered the detonation of the device, only to be faulted by Donna Noble. After returning the planets back to their times, save for Earth, a clone of the Doctor, after being convinced by Caan, destroyed the Dalek ship. Though he offered to save him, Davros refused, naming the Doctor the Destroyer of Worlds.

Though it is believed he died with his empire, it is unknown what happened to Davros, with some fans speculating he may return in the series.

In The ModEdit

Davros was originally in the Dalek Mod, but removed because of complications. However, Khotarri stated on the forums that Davros would return soon.

DWOnline Builds Edit

In the Doctor Who Online minecraft server (, There are multiple builds of Dalek Mod-Style Davroses Built By Reddash16 Himself.