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Ice Warriors are a race of insects from the planet Mars. Placing themselves in suits to protect them from various hazards, e.g. cold temperatures, and warfare on other planets. Though they originally appeared as villains in the Second Doctor's run in the show, they later appeared as allies for the Time Lord in later episodes. He has, in turn, also referred to them as "a fine and noble race who built an empire out of snow".

In the ShowEdit

The Ice Warriors first appear in 1967's 'The Ice Warriors'. In the episode, a group of scientists living in Earth's Second Ice-age uncover the frozen corpse of one of the Martians and accidently revives him. Kidnapping the Doctor's companion Victoria, he forces her to help resurrect the remainder of the crew and threatens the scientists to help dig out their spaceship using Ironizing equipment. However, the Doctor manages force a retreat to their spaceship by sending a sonic blast, which causes loud concussion to occur in their helmets, and destroys the spaceship using the crews Ironizing gun.

After a number of other encounters with the Time Lord, the Ice Warriors became a regular enemy for the Doctor. However, during 1972's 'The Curse of Peladon', the Doctor encounters a group of Ice Warriors, who tell him that their race have become pacifists and joined the Galactic Federation, a political entity that had emerged after the fall of the First Human Empire. In the serial, they are trying to persuade the planet Peladon to join the federation. However, a series of events that occur that cause these proceedings to be interrupted. Though the Doctor suspects them of being behind these, the Ice Lord, Izlyr, manages to help him uncover the mystery and prove his race's innocents. After this, the Doctor begins to accept that some of his old enemies may not be a evil as he suspects.

After 1974's 'The Monster of Peladon', the Ice Warrior did not appear again in the series. However, due to much fan request, the once again reappeared thirty-nine years late in 2013's 'Cold War'. In the episode, a Russian submarine crew discover an Ice Warrior general Skaldak, and revive him. However, it attacks and tries to take control over the submarine until being subdued and taken prisoner by the crew, with help from the Eleventh Doctor. It is during this episode that Martian law is mentioned: Attack one of us, we will retaliate with vengeance. After being attacked by a member of crew, Skaldak decides to destroy Earth with nuclear weapons on board the submarine, hoping to start World War Three between the Russians and the Americans who would, in turn, wipe themselves out. However, before his can fire a single rocket, he is saved by fellow Ice Warriors and deactivates the missiles before leaving Earth.

In the ModEdit

In the mod, Ice Warriors are neutral mobs, attacking the player if they are provoked. When killed, they drop Ice blocks and spawn in cold and icy biomes.