Modern Cyberman Edit

The Modern Cyberman is a variant of Cybermen seen in the new run of Doctor Who, first appearing in the

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The Modern Cyberman

2006 episode 'Rise of the Cybermen'. This type of Cyberman was different from ones past because of the new design and the fact that it originates from a parallel universe, thus having its own origin story different from Mondasian Cybermen. These were the cybermen in the show that were portrayed as immediate enemies of the Daleks.

Modern Cybermen have a CybermanID of 1.

Behavior Edit

Modern Cybermen can deliver melee attack damage, however a percentage of ones spawned in the 1.8 versions of the mod can fire lasers by raising one of their arms. Like all cybermen, they attack Daleks and can convert Villagers into Cyber Villagers. Villagers struck by a Cyberman's laser, however, will die instead of converting.

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A Modern Cyberman that can shoot a laser.

Drops Edit

When killed, Modern Cybermen drop 0-2 steel ingots.