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The Dalek Mod adds a number of Planets that can be accessed through the TARDIS GUI or through special blocks.

Planet ListEdit


Skaro is the home planet of the Daleks. It has very mountainous terrain and veins of Dalekanium Ore which, when harvested, drops Dalekanium Nuggets . Almost every kind of Dalek can spawn on Skaro. Sometimes embedded in mountains, you can find crashed Dalek battleships.


Trenzalore is a hostile environment, with the Silence and Whispermen spawning here. Like Skaro, Trenzalore is very mountainous. Also, Gravestones can generate in graveyards. Stone Daleks and Weeping Angels can also be found here. It was taken out in update 40.ciao


Gallifrey is the Doctor's home planet. It is mainly a barren wateland, with the odd tree in places. However, large Citadels can also be found, with Time Lords and Cleaners. It was taken out in update 40. It was readded in Update 48.

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Forest in a BoxEdit

The Forest in a Box is a snow-covered taiga biome that can only be accessed through the Forest in a Box block. It was taken out in update 40.

The Moon Edit

The Moon is a planet accessible with the TARDIS. It is Earth's Moon located 238,900 miles (384,400 km) away. From here you can get Moon Rock.

Mars Edit

Mars is the 4th planet in the solar system and in the mod consists of mostly Red Sand. You can also get there through the TARDIS. It was taken out in update 40

Omicron Persei 8 Edit

Omicron Persei 8 is a planet appearing in the Futurama series. It was added into the mod for unknown reasons. It is 1000 light years away from earth and, like most other planets, can be flown to in the TARDIS. It was taken out in update 40.

Europa Edit

Europa (AKA Jupiter II) is a moon of the planet Jupiter in our solar system. It is about 390,400,000 miles (628,300,000 km) away from earth. On it you can find Ice, Packed Ice, water, and Silicate. It was taken out in update 40.