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This article is about an unreleased feature in the Dalek Mod. The contents may change over time, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!

Story mode is an upcoming feature in the Dalek Mod. You will be able to access it via the main menu. It's a feature where you can follow the story line of the television episodes of "Doctor Who", starting from its beginning in 1963 and continuing from there on. You'll be able to travel to different areas through a "bigger on the inside" TARDIS and complete different objectives. This feature is not be available at the moment, however the team have confirmed they will release it in the future.

In the ModEdit

When it is released, Story Mode will be accessible from the main menu and will feature a GUI that allows you to select the stories you wish to play. However, to access them, you will need to complete certain stories to get to the next one. Story mode is both recommended for those who are fans of Doctor Who or just love adventure maps.

Dalek Mod - Story Mode Trailer -100:30

Dalek Mod - Story Mode Trailer -1

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