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The Master is a renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. First appearing in 1971's Terror of the Autons, he has often appeared in the series, being dubbed the Doctor's arch nemesis. Unlike some of the most popular villains in the show, the Master has not been added into the mod, but may in the future, due to requests from users.

In the ShowEdit

The Master first appears in 'Terror of the Autons', where he first arrives in a Tardis, similar to the Doctor's. Arriving in a carnival, he hypnotizes the troupe and steals a Nestene sphere from a Unit base. While investigating the mysterious disturbance at a satellite, the Doctor is contacted by the Time Lords, who warn him that the Master has arrived on Earth and wishes to take over. The Doctor also discovers that his old enemy has also created a Tissue Decompression Eliminator, a device that shrinks down a victim to a tenth of their size, also killing them due to the shock they experience during the process.

During the episode, the Master tries to take over the Earth using the Nestene and its puppets, the Autons. After being convinced by the Doctor that they will kill him after they have taken over the planet, he helps him stop the sentient being and it minions before escaping capture. The Master remains the main enemy of the series, often teaming up with other villains like the Axons and the Daemon Azal. At the end of the season, he is captured while trying to escape in the Doctor's car, Bessie, due to the Doctor modified it to be remotely controlled.

During 'The Sea Devils', the Doctor visits the Master in prison, where he has been held since his capture by UNIT. During this, he reveals to his companion, Jo Grant, that they were childhood friends, even going to the same Gallifreyan school together. Like previous times, the Master makes an alliance with the Sea Devils, a aquatic breed of Silurians, and tries to convince them to go to war with the Humans. Though he succeeds, he finds his plan ruined when they are killed off by soldiers working for the Royal Navy, who's base was attacked. Like previous encounters with the Doctor, the Master manages to escape and reappears in later episodes.

After failing to cause a war between the Human and Draconian empires for the Daleks, the Master went into hiding, where his body decayed. The Time Lord often tried expanding his life span, like trying to get more regenerations from the Eye of Harmony or possessing individuals, stealing their life span and memories. By the events to the TV movie, he had been captured by the Daleks and executed after being put on trial. However, he survived and tried to steal the Doctor's body and remaining regenerations. He was stopped and, during a fight with the Time Lord, was thrown into the Eye of Harmony.

Reappearing in the Revived series, the Master first appears in 'Utopia' as Professor Yana, a human who has been hearing a strange drumming noise in his head since birth. It is revealed that the Professor has a pocket watch, similar to one the Doctor used to disguise himself as a human to hide from the Family of Blood, an alien family that tried to kill him and steal his lifespan. Upon opening the watch, the Master regained control over his body and stole the TARDIS, after revealing himself to the Doctor and regenerating.

In the following episode 'The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords', the Master reveals that the Time Lords resurrected him after the events of the TV movie. He fought for some time during the Time War, but fled and made himself human after a battle with the Daleks. During the episode, he has been elected as Britain's Prime Minister under the name Harold Saxon, planning to take over the Universe with help from his new allies, the Toclafane. After turning the Doctor's Tardis into a paradox machine, the Master summoned the Toclafane and succeeded in taking over the world. He also aged the Doctor using a new gadget he had created called the Laser Screwdriver, making sure he could not defeat him this time.

Over the course of a year, Martha Jones, the Doctor's companion at the time, travelled over the world, planning to use the Archangel network, a system the Master had created to hypnotize the world, to restore the Doctor and destroy the paradox machine. Succeeding, the paradox machine was destroyed by Captain Jack Harkness and Unit soldiers, resetting the Earth and undoing the Master's damage. After trying to escape, he was shot by his wife, Lucy and died, refusing to regenerate. The Doctor burnt his body, though a ring burst out of the flames and was picked up by a unknown woman, which the Doctor failed to notice.

Reappearing in 'The End of Time', the Tenth Doctor's regeneration story, the Master is resurrected by followers, only to be stopped mid process by Lucy Saxon. This leaves him with extra abilities and a fast burning life span. The Master was captured by Joshua Naismith, who planned to use the Master to fix a device called the Immortality Gate, which he planned to expand his daughter's lifespan. The Master, however betrayed him and used the gate to convert all humans into copies of himself.

He also discovered a White Point Star, a diamond found only on his and the Doctor's home planet, Gallifrey. Planning to bring back their people and convert them into other copies, the Master placed the Star into a nuclear bolt, which tore open the Time Lock imposed on the War and brought Gallifrey above the Earth. However, the President of the Time Lords, Rassilon, undid his conversion and ordered the Doctor to kill him. The Doctor, however, refused and destroyed the White Point Star. The Master then attacked Rassilon and sent him and the Time Lords back into the War, using up what was left of his life.

For some time, the Doctor believed the Master to be dead, having used what was left of his life to attack Rassilon and the Time Lord council. However, in Dark Water/Death in Heaven, he encountered a new villain called Missy. She claimed to the keeper of the Netherspeare, place where people went when they died. However, this turned out to be a trap, where people's consciousness' were uploaded to a hard drive known as the Nethersphere and their bodies were converted into Cybermen. After discovering this, Missy revealed herself to be the Master, having advanced his lifespan and regenerated into a female incarnation. Having been defeated thanks to the work of Danny Pink, she was apparently killed when she was shot by a rogue Cyberman, revealed to be Brigadier Alistair Leftbrigde Stewart.

In the ModEdit

Unlike many enemies in the show, the Master does not appear in the mod. However, there have requests from users for him to be added, hopefully meaning he may appear in a future update. If he does, it is unknown which incarnation it would be and what abilities he would have. However, the most likely are Roger Delgado (the First actor to portray the character), Anthony Ainley (the Fourth) and John Simm (the Eighth).

Currently in the mod,there is a Dev Item named "poster" which when placed on a wall looks like the "Vote Saxon" posters that appeared various times in the show. Probably intended for Story Mode, but still a nice touch to the mod for now.

Also, in a conversation on the Dalek Mod Server , 1WTC revealed that a variation of the Roundels (ones that looked like the ones in the Master's TARDIS) would be used in both a custom TARDIS interior and in Story Mode, probably as a custom TARDIS interior too. Since the Christmas Updates the Master Roundels are added to the mod.