Zeiton-7 is a type of Metabelis crystal found on a variety of different planets. Mainly used by Time Lords to power TARDISes, the material can be found on the Overworld and will be used in future updates to power the player's TARDIS.

In the ShowEdit

Zeiton-7 was a mineral from the planet Varos and a few other planets. It was used to power Type 9 TARDISes. It was sold by Sil The Mentor and the Galatron Mining Corporation. When the TARDIS needed more, The Doctor and Peri went to Varos to try to reason with Sil.

In the ModEdit

Zeiton-7 has the rarity of iron and spawns in small patches in the overworld. It at the moment has no use but will be needed to power the TARDIS in future updates.

2014-06-12 18.49.27

A patch of Zeiton-7 ore in a ravine.